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Established Canadian businesses - For Sale by Owner - in Canada

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BusinessSellCanada specializes in Selling Businesses listed "For Sale" in Canada.
You can BUY a profitable Canadian business -or- You can SELL your own business here.

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A Silly Question Worth Serious Thought:
Do You Want To Be Rich?
An article by Noel Peebles

That sounds ridiculous. Of course you’d like to be rich, wouldn’t everybody? But do you really?
Your words might say you do, but our thoughts and actions very often say something entirely different.
What am I getting at? Well ...
If you are still doing things the same way you’ve always done things, then reading this could be the most important thing you do all year. Why? Because your thoughts and actions can be the fuel you need to get your business up and running.
However, consider this - your thoughts and actions can also act like a ‘straight jacket.’ They could be stopping you from reaching your fullest potential, or making it easy for competitors to knock you around.
Don't fall into this trap and become a victim of change. Instead, embrace change and continually re-educate the mind.
There is an old saying, "You never stop learning." and it's true. If you are willing to make a personal commitment to perpetual re-education, you will come face-to-face with some of the most exceptional opportunities the world has ever seen.
The truth is; we have all been exposed to more change in the last two decades, than mankind has experienced in the past 2000 years. The situation is terrifying, frightening and awesome in its potential opportunity.
Given such conditions, the natural survival instinct is to cling to what you know. It’s a bit like clinging to a life raft when a ship is sinking ... it’s the safest thing to do. But is it?
The ship of life is not sinking. It's just changing direction and you can either stay on board and ride the tides of change, or cling to the life raft of hope.
Like it or not, we are living in one of the most exciting periods civilization has ever known - the information age. This is a period of astounding and radical change. It’s like being with Christopher Columbus on the Santa Maria... only now with computers, jet aircraft, lasers, global positioning systems and cellular phones at our disposal.
Prepare yourself for the adventures of your lifetime. Rip open that ‘straight jacket’ and let go of that life raft. This is a wonderful opportunity to become part of history and ride these ever-changing tides of discovery and change.
And... even if you don’t change the world, you can change the way you do things and the way you react to situations. The first critical step is to have a personal commitment to re-education and decide not to become a victim of change.
Embrace Change - if you want to become rich, it is your best guarantee of success.
© Noel Peebles - author of "Sell Your Business The Easy Way"


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