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Established Canadian businesses - For Sale by Owner - in Canada


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BusinessSellCanada specializes in Selling Businesses listed "For Sale" in Canada.
You can BUY a profitable Canadian business -or- You can SELL your own business here.

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Our Business Telephone number is:
(705) 778-3328
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 (705) 778-3328
While most problems and questions can best and most efficiently
be resolved by sending us an e-mail, there are those times that
you need the assurance of a personal telephone conversation.
Our phone lines are available for you for those special times.
Thank you - Mike Merritt
 (705) 778-3328
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Business Sell Canada
2476 County Rd 46, R.R. #4,
Havelock, Ont, Canada
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BusinessSellCanada is not responsible for the accuracy of the information shown
in any of the "Business For Sale" listings.  The Buyer should contact the Seller
directly and verify the accuracy of all information to his own satisfaction.

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