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A Sample Response E-mail
to a Con-man

"We Help You Sell Your Business"

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S a m p l e   E m a i l
The following is an example of an email that you might send as an initial response to a doubtful inquiry about your business.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your inquiry.  Our business is a convenience store located in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.  We employ 3 full time clerks as well as 2 more part time on the weekends.  Our gross sales last year were over $345,000.00.
If you would like to pursue the purchase of our business further, we must ask you to identify yourself with either your own residence information, or if you are not currently living in Canada, that of someone who is living in Canada right now and who knows you well.  We have to make this request as there are many conmen working on the Internet.

Your name: ________
Their full name: ________
Address, City, Province: ________
Telephone No. with AreaCode: __________

We will be phoning telephone Directory Assistance here to ensure that you or this person is currently listed as a resident of that Canadian city, and then we will actually phone them for confirmation.
Thank you for your understanding,
Sincerely,   (your name)

Be aware that what a conman usually does at this point - is to give you the name, address, and phone number of another different Canadian person that he's also currently conning - so please make sure that you take the time to follow up and actually phone the number and talk to the person !  (You may save someone else from the conman).
One place that you can find Canadian telephone Area Codes and location maps on-line is at:

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