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BusinessSellCanada specializes in Selling Businesses listed "For Sale" in Canada.
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MILNE Consulting Services
Providing Entrepreneurs professional business consulting and writing services. (ex. Business Plan writing). Please email me to arrange for a free consult. email:   Business Sell Canada (-)
Click for Do-It-Yourself Business Legal Forms
Trusted Do-It-Yourself legal forms for the sale of your Business. 
Do-it-yourself Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement ($15.00 - Basic)   Click for Help ...
Do-it-yourself Purchase & Sale of Business ($24.50 - Basic)   Click for Help ...
and many, many more useful Canadian forms ...   The Legal Disclaimer Read the Disclaimer

Use Gmail to fight Spam - by Rick Broida
How to use Gmail to route your email from your regular email address, thru Gmail to remove the Spam, and then back to your usual email application like: Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail.  There's no change in how you currently do things, except that all the Spam is removed.   - A great Spam Filter !!!! -
How to do Web Searches using a Dial-Up connection - by Mike Merritt
When you only have a slow Internet Connection like a Dial-Up line, using a Search engine like takes a completely different technique than when you’ve got fast High-Speed Internet.   - A real Time Saver !!!! -
Save on Electric Hot Water Heating with Time-of-Use (TOU) billing - by Mike Merritt
To save on your electric power bill when it’s billed by "Time-of-Use" (TOU); you need to shift some of your electrical consumption from expensive daytime to cheaper nighttime - when the hourly rates are much lower.  You can do this with your existing Electric Hot Water Heater - for very little cost and with almost no inconvenience.
Office Space Finder
A useful office search tool that helps small and medium sized businesses find the most suitable office accommodation.   Business Sell Canada (-)
Business Book Press
The following free articles are provided for your information and use in understanding the issues related to how to buy a business, sell a business, or determine a business valuation.   Business Sell Canada (-)
Tools to Buy, Sell or Value a Business
Extensive collection of books, software, articles, tips and other resources to help you buy, sell and accurately value a small business.   Business Sell Canada (-)
Canadian Legal Documents
Incorporation, Company Stock Sale Agreements, Minute Books, Balance Sheet & Income Statement, and more. Save time and money, Get your completed documents within minutes, online. See our Corporate Sales Agreement   Business Sell Canada (-) - Business Plan Resources is a business planning educational site that contains sample business plans, business planning articles, and free tools to help you learn the business planning process.
Interactive Business Planner
A very basic online business planner provided by the Canadian government.  Setup for a novice.
Citizenship and Immigration - Canada
Official Government of Canada website for Immigration.
Bill C-28: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation
The Canadian Parliament finally has passed Bill C-28, which was formerly known as the "Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act" (FISA).  Download and read the .pdf Summary of the Legistation restricting the sending of unsolicited emails.
Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship in Canada
Provides a basis for Christian fellowship among men everywhere under the single banner of their experiences in Jesus Christ and to strengthen them so that they can go back to their respective churches refreshed and renewed.
Monitor Colour Balance
Check your monitor's colour balance on this page of sample colour squares.  View the squares through a small hole in the center of a sheet of white paper for best effect.


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