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Privacy of Information

The Canadian law, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, is a comprehensive regulatory scheme that gives Canada's existing Privacy Commissioner new powers to oversee all commercial use of personal information regarding Canadians.   The law now mandates ten principals (which were previously developed and adopted in 1996 as voluntary industry standards), as current Canadian law.

On January 1, 2004, (where provincial governments have not enacted similar privacy legislation), the federal law applies to all organizations that collect, use, or disclose personal information in commercial activities.

BusinessSellCanada is pleased to comply with the wording and intent of this new Canadian law.   The principles outlined in this law are:

  • Accountability.   Organizations are to be responsible for the uses of any information which they may collect.   They must appoint someone who is responsible within their organization for the handling of this personal information and they must also ensure its proper handling by any third parties with whom they share it.
  • Identifying purposes.   Organizations collecting personal information shall identify the purposes for which the data is being collected - at or before the time that it is collected.
  • Consent.   Knowledge and consent of the individual are required for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information, with the exceptions of emergencies, law enforcement and debt collection.
  • Limiting Collection.   Indiscriminate collection of information is prohibited.   The amount and type of information collected shall be limited to that which is necessary to fulfilling the purposes that have been identified.
  • Use, disclosure and retention is limited to that which is necessary.   Personal information that is no longer required to fulfill the identified purposes is to be destroyed, erased, or made anonymous.
  • Accuracy.   Personal information shall be as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.
  • Safeguards.   Personal information shall be securely protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.
  • Openness.   Organizations shall be transparent and open concerning their management of personal information.
  • Individual Access.   Individuals shall be given access to their own personal information as maintained by an organization, and given the ability to correct the information as is appropriate.
  • Compliance Challenges.   Individuals shall be entitled to direct a challenge regarding the principles listed above to the organization's designated privacy agent who is to be accountable for his or her organization's compliance with this law.
We care about your privacy.  We take great care to store any information which we collect in a secure manner.  Any concerns that you may have with the collection and storage of personal information on should be directed to us at: - Attn: Privacy Officer.


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