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$160,000.00 (Cdn)

Trophies Awards & Promotionals
Business Location: Alberta
Postal Code: T
Relocatable: No
Business Categories:
Business Services & Supplies
Marketing & Advertising
This business was initial established in 1946. There have been a number of changesmade along with a move to a much larger population area but the name has a long history of being established.
It was established in the current community in 1959 and has been known by the same name since that time.
There have been three ownership changes since that date with the latest once taking place in 2012.
The current owners have now reached retirement age and wish to move on.
This is a well established business which is well know in the current community.
The current owners have not been as aggressive in the past couple of years.
However, there is still a very strong market for the products in this community.

The sales have decreased in the past year partly because the ownership have not been active in selling the product and the economy in Alberta. The sales are currently in the area of 280,000.00 per year.
In the past years 2014 the sales were at over 400,000.00 which they could be again if the new ownership would start an active plan to approach the customers in the community. The price of this business at $160,000.00 reflects the sales decrease to $280,000.00

This business is an excellent opportunity for a young couple to be able to increase the sales. The market is still available but it takes some one going out and contacting the various sporting groups and businesses in the area. There is no one in the community that has the equipment or set up to provide the service to the customers quickly and effectively.

  -  INCLUDED  in  the  Price  -  
This includes a fully set up store with all the equipment and leaseholds.The new owners can move in and operate the business with little or no changes.
The major item would be set up a new lease for the new ownership.

  -  EXCLUDED  from  the  Price  -  
There is nothing excluded or required to run this business once taken over.

  -  OPTIONAL  &  EXTRAS  -  
This is a well established business that new ownership can step in and operate with the change of ownership.

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