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Thriving manufacturer repair facility with over 35 years exp.

$1,890,000.00 (Cdn)

Thriving manufacturer repair facility with over 35 years exp.
Business Location: Manitoba
Postal Code: R0K
Relocatable: No
Business Categories:
Industrial Manufacturing & Service
Repairs & Maintenance
The best feature of the business is the location offering lower overhead. The name has been well established over the past 30+ years to maintain our sales and repair flow. I've kept the business small and manageable so that expansion was always an option but not a necessity. Cash flow is basically what you want it to be whether dealers are to be involved or not is the buyers choice. The listed price will need negotiation as it is an unknown what the buyer will have for their own equipment, and whether or not the land is purchased or leased, equipment, tools, etc.

The business has well established roots and no 'dirty laundry' or debt to deal with. Each year we have growing profits, and carry an inventory float valued around $200,000 give or take most of the time.

There is always some competition in our market, but because of our companies smaller size and the vast size of the area we sell to, we very seldom have had to look for work at all. On any given year, we are usually between 2-6 weeks behind on customer delivery dates, and that is not including walk in customers and parts sales. If a person wanted to expand, the sky is the limit as our brand is well known across Canada and into the U.S.

  -  INCLUDED  in  the  Price  -  
the name and clientele list as well as equipment inventory and the facility are offered and carrying the mortage is also an option for the right buyer

  -  EXCLUDED  from  the  Price  -  
nothing, depending on the negotiated price there are plenty of things to take or leave to arrive at a price that will work the business is well equipped and self contained so most things on the property are an asset to the buyer. sandblasting equipment is a huge asset as well as the repair side of the manufacturing business. return business at this level has taken years and we have never been aggressive to expand so potential is almost endless we also carry a line of import flatdecks

  -  OPTIONAL  &  EXTRAS  -  
extras are base on what the buyer wants like we mentioned everything here is necessary in the operation as we have ran it these past 37 years

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